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S4C has a responsibility to represent and appeal to everybody - people of all cultures, nationalities, races, religious persuasions, abilities, sexual orientation and ages. Our aim is that this should be reflected in our service and in our programmes.

In all our activities we endeavour to respect people for what they are and not who they are. The only criterion for judging an individual is the way that person works and contributes. Our aim is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels free to contribute without fear in order to maximise everyone's potential.

To this end, S4C is committed to diversity, equal opportunities and fair treatment of its staff, viewers and the public generally. The commitment applies to the whole range of S4C's business as employer, commissioner of content and provider of services to its viewers.

Among the actions S4C takes as part of its commitment to diversity are:

  • Ensuring its programmes better reflect the community and viewers it serves
  • Working with partners in the production sector to ensure their own activities are consistent with S4C's commitment
  • Ensuring its commitment to providing access and support services in relation to its programmes and content is maintained
  • Providing diversity training for all its staff
  • Including specific responsibility for diversity in job descriptions
  • Creating an inclusive, respectful working environment
  • Publishing an annual action plan
  • Publishing an Annual review of the diversity pledge by S4C's Management Team

Read S4C's commitment to diversity in full (PDF).

S4C is a member of the Creative Diversity Network (CDN), which includes all of the public service broadcasters in the UK www.creativediversitynetwork.org

In addition, we have also registered with the UK Government's initiative, Think, Act, Report, as an employer that promotes gender equality in the workplace www.gov.uk/government/policies/creating-a-fairer-and-more-equal-society/supporting-pages/think-act-report.

In order to deliver our commitment to diversity S4C implements an annual Diversity Action Plan.

A report on progress is considered by the Management Team on a quarterly basis and reported to the S4C Authority. An annual review also takes place and is reported within S4C's Annual Report.

2015 report on the effectiveness of equality and diversity policies and training and S4C's compliance with the general equality duty under the Equality Act 2010


S4C is working with producers from the independent sector and relevant stakeholders to improve and build on our representation of cultural diversity and disability. Here's a taster of how S4C celebrates and represents the diversity of its audience within its programmes.


In order for S4C programmes to be accessible to as many people as possible we provide a range of services including subtitles, sign language and audio description. Further details can be found on our Access Services website.

In addition, a number of S4C programmes across various genres are regularly made available to enjoy as podcasts.

All S4C promotional material is available in large print format on request and Sgrîn, S4C's viewers' magazine, is also available in audio format on CD and online.

The S4C web site has been built using web standards and best practice web accessibility guidelines. Not only does this ensure that the web site will work in all modern, standards based browsing devices, but it also makes this web site easier to use for those with disabilities. Further details can be found on our Accessibility site.


S4C is pleased to be a member of the following

  • Creative Diversity Network

    The CDN facilitiates its members to work together to promote, celebrate and share good practice in relation to diversity across the media industry.

  • Chwarae Teg

    The agency promotes the economic development of women in Wales and helps women to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from making a full and consistent contribution within the economy.

Further information

For further information and statistics on diversity in Wales visit: