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Bwrw'r Bar

Bwrw'r Bar

As Wales prepare for their fourth Six Nations test against Italy in Rome, rugby referee Nigel Owens says he's just as ready to do battle with fellow presenters Jonathan Davies, Eleri Siôn and Rowland Phillips in the Bwrw Bar studio on Friday, 13 March.

"I'm quite a competitive person - I don't like to lose full stop," says Nigel, a familiar fixture on the rugby-themed panel show, broadcast before every Wales game in the Six Nations.

In each episode of the light-hearted series, Nigel and Rowland captain two teams who undertake a range of physical and mental challenges, while Jonathan and Eleri keep the mayhem in check.

"I'm not very happy about losing in the last episode after being in front for most of the time. Let's hope that this time I get people on my team who know a little bit about sport!" laughs Nigel.

In Friday's episode, football commentator Nic Parry and Gladiators' Goliath, aka Bari Griffiths, join Nigel's team, while Dragons centre Rhodri Gomer Davies and Uned 5 and Golffio presenter Llinos Lee will be captained by Rowland.

Members of Aberaeron Rugby Club and Llangennech Netball Club will be in the audience this week, lending their support to both teams. The clubs and their talented members will be featured in an item and one member from each club will take part in a special round to try to win points for their captains.

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