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Dim Byd

Start the New Year with a barrel of laughs

Bryn Terfel, Hogia'r Wyddfa and 'Tony ac Aloma' - no, this is not the line-up for an S4C concert - but just some of the famous names appearing in the new series of the comedy show Dim Byd which starts on Wednesday, 8 January.

"The nonsense that has been collecting in my head for the past twenty years." That's one way of describing the sketch show according to the producer and director of Dim Byd, Barry 'Archie' Jones as the third series hits our screens.

"When we started to film the first series I never imagined it would get such a positive reaction, especially the Dim Byd fel Cân i Gymru (Nothing like A Song for Wales) show; that's when we began to realise we had something that genuinely ticked the boxes."

For the first time ever each episode in the new series will be half an hour long which means plenty of new sketches as well as the old favourites such as Hanes Dy Nain, Ar y Bît and Tad Maximillian.

"We knew we needed to do something different to keep it fresh," says Barry. "When we first started out I liked the idea of using normal people with no experience of acting instead of using well-known celebrities. I felt that getting ordinary people to act would make the sketches more credible.

"For the new series we decided to invite a few familiar faces to take part and they all jumped at the chance. I think that having seen the first two series they know we're not here to make fun of them. As well as Bryn Terfel, Hogia'r Wyddfa and Tony ac Aloma we have the naturalist Iolo Williams and the poet Gerallt Lloyd Owen taking part this time round."

With each individual Dim Byd sketch lasting on average between five and 50 seconds it isn't easy to create enough material to fill six half hour episodes. So how does the Dim Byd crew do it?

"There are three or four of us who sit down and discuss all the ideas we have but we have plenty more who contribute by sending ideas in," explains Barry. "I always try to think of a scenario from everyday life and then try and turn it on its head. Sometimes by doing this you can create a good joke from a real life situation."

For one member of veteran singing group Hogia'r Wyddfa, Myrddin Owen, the opportunity to appear on Dim Byd was simply too good to miss. "We had such a good time filming with the Dim Byd crew," says Myrddin. "Barry's sense of humour is different to that of anyone else I know and you don't get any script when working on Dim Byd. You have to act your part in your own way. I can't wait to see the new series!"