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Dim Byd / Mwy: Jac y Ddafad Wyllt

Dim Byd / Mwy: Jac y Ddafad Wyllt

The ‘forgotten’ Wild Sheep of Welsh Athletics

This year, 2012 is a big year for London as everyone looks forward to the Olympic Games held there in the summer. S4C will be jumping on the bandwagon with a programme about a 'lost' hero of Welsh athletics.

The programme Jac y Ddafad Wyllt (Jac the Wild Sheep) on Thursday 1 March, takes a retrospective look at the life of Jac Marmalêd Morgan from Penygroes. Jac is one of Wales' greatest Olympic heroes and he competed in the 10,000 meters at the 1952 Games in Helsinki.

The programme's producer Barry 'Archie' Jones, producer of the S4C comedy series Dim Byd, explains how he came across Jac's story.

"I found a book called 'Ar Drywydd y Ddafad Wyllt' (On the Trail of the Wild Sheep) at a car boot in Llandegai one day. The book, by author Alun Cob, tells the story of Jac's achievement in the 1952 Olympics and that's how I came up with the idea for a programme," explains Barry.

"Not many people know about Jac Marmalêd Morgan, but I did come across a group of admirers who are trying to raise funds to commission a statue in his memory in his home town of Penygroes. Their efforts will be featured in the programme.

"Being an Olympic year, there was no better time to go about making this documentary and to put the Wild Sheep back in the spotlight," concludes Barry.

With the help of archive footage, Jac's story is told by members of his family. There are also contributions by the community in Penygroes, and a respected historian and a fellow Olympian, who won gold in the 1964 Tokyo games, will also share their memories.