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Genod y Carnifal

Genod y Carnifal

The return of Llangefni Carnival

Almost every little girl dreams of being a Carnival Queen and at one time the annual carnival was the pinnacle of the year for the children of Llangefni. The last time the carnival was held there was in 1993 - but that's all set to change!

Seven local women have decided to revive the tradition and S4C cameras will follow them from start to finish. In the three-part series Genod y Carnifal, we will get to know the girls as they set about organising and fundraising.

A day to remember

The aim is to bring the community together and create a day to remember for local people. The women felt the community lacked the closeness of days gone by and decided to rectify the situation by bringing the carnival back to town.

The date has been set for the 9 July and the cost estimated at £5,000. The girls set about raising the money and finalising the arrangements. But the task is a scary one - none of them have ever organised anything like this before!

The work has already succeeded in bringing the community together. To raise money the group organised a series of community events such as an Easter Egg Hunt and a party for the Coronation of the Carnival Court. Nearly 30 children are part of the Court and the local hairdressers have offered to help prepare their hair on the big day. The entire community has pitched in to help, with the local Youth Club making the posters and the bakery helping to prepare and deliver food.

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