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Sioe Tudur Owen

Sioe Tudur Owen

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Tudur Owen plays Cupid

Who remembers Alwyn Siôn presenting the S4C dating series Bacha Hi O Ma? And Cilla Black on Blind Date? Well, forget about them, there's a new Cupid in town.

As the series Sioe Tudur Owen returns to S4C every Friday night, the unlikely love angel from Anglesey, Tudur Owen, will play matchmaker with his audience in the new game Dêt Bleind (Blind Date).

In each programme five members of the audience will take part in Dêt Bleind - one who's looking for love and another four potential dates. Standing each side of a roller blind (like the one you have on your bathroom window) the person who's looking for love will have to answer questions correctly in order to roll up the blind, revealing more of the people stood on the other side one section at a time.

"It's a good game for the weekend. It's a fun, tongue in cheek game - nobody is supposed to take it seriously," says Tudur, who isn't too hopeful that love will blossom on the show. "We'll be sending them on dates to quite special places… like a fast food restaurant. If people like each other, then great, but I can't imagine for a second why they would!"

The audience plays an important role in the show and Tudur is determined that the people who come watch the filming in Galeri Caernarfon enjoy their night out.

"We want to give them a good night. Before we start I go out there to do a bit of a warm up routine to get them laughing before the cameras start rolling, then we try to record the show with as little breaks and re-takes as possible. We don't want to keep people there longer than two hours," says Tudur.

The programmes will be filmed at Galeri during in September - on 12, 13, 14 and then 27, 28 and 29 September. Go to s4c.co.uk/caban for details how to order your tickets.

As well as teasing and joking with the audience, Tudur will be joined by three guests on the sofa each week. According to Tudur, the guests will be a good mix of interesting people with great stories to share. In the first programme he's joined by DJ Huw Stephens, rock climber and shepherd Ioan Doyle and musician Nerys Richards.

"You may not know some of them, and others will be more familiar. But by the end of the show I'm sure you will have learnt something new about each one," says Tudur.

Filming Sioe Tudur Owen is part of a very busy schedule for the stand up comedian. As well as preparing for the TV show, presenting his own twice weekly show on Radio Cymru, organising gigs for his comedy club Tŷ Golchi in Bangor, Tudur also performs stand up gigs in comedy clubs all over Britain.

"Perhaps I do have too much on my plate, but that's the kind of life I lead. I panic if there's a gap in the diary. I try to do as much as I can now, while people still like me!" says Tudur, with his fingers crossed!