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Tudur Owen o’r Doc

Tudur Owen o'r Doc

Comedian Tudur Owen is an old hand at performing in front of large audiences. A familiar face on the British comedy circuit, Tudur has also experienced the thrill of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. But now, he returns to the small screen to present a new series of Tudur Owen o'r Doc on S4C.

Meeting the stars

A host of well-known figures will join Tudur during the series, including the Archdruid of Wales, T. James Jones, actor Steffan Rhodri and presenter Heledd Cynwal.

"I work hard with the production team to think of guests you wouldn't necessarily think of putting together - having two contrasting opinions is always a good recipe for comedy," says Tudur.

But Tudur will be listening to the audience as well as the guests, "I always say there are three guests on my show; the two on the sofa and the audience - they are the true stars."


Tudur admits the audience helps to bring the show alive and he enjoys element of 'the unknown'.

"You can never foresee how the audience will react. I would never in a million years be able to script half the things they say."

One of Wales most prominent faces - and voices - Eleri Siôn and actor, Julian Lewis Jones, who starred in the recent Hollywood film, Invictus, alongside Tinseltown stars, Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, are Tudur's guests in Friday's programme.

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