Fresh paint for castles in Wales - Dolbadarn Castle

Dolbadarn Castle Dolbadarn Castle Dolbadarn Castle

In the second programme, the painting featured is world-famous landscape artist JMW Turner's painting of Dolbadarn Castle, re-interpreted by Ogwyn Davies from Tregaron and Lotte Hughes from Aberystwyth. It seems that Turner, a regular visitor to Wales, was drawn to Dolbadarn Caslte in 1799 by the tragic story of Owain Goch, who was imprisoned there by his brother, the prince Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. Turner created a romantic yet dramatic work, in which Owain Goch appears in the dark bowels of the castle, which had been built by Llywelyn ap Iorwerth in 1230.

Whilst established artist Ogwyn Davies admires Turner's painting of the castle, he chose to pursue the underlying humanitarian element of the story of Owain, thereby widening the scope beyond that of the Turner painting. Young artist Lotte Hughes, in her interpretation, removes all the detail of Turner’s painting and creates a series of panels with colours drawn from the masterpiece, which represents her aesthetic response to the frightening power in the landscape.

Artist profiles...
Ogwyn Davies
Lotte Hughes