Ogwyn Davies

Born in Trebanos, Swansea Valley, 1925. Lives in Tregaron, Ceredigion. Studied at the Swansea School of Art. Ogwyn took a more humanitarian view of the story behind the painting than Turner. Focussing completely on Owain Goch, and the issues raised by the incarceration of one brother by another, Ogwyn was deeply affected by his subject matter. He updates the story by creating a modern image of the prison. Around Owain we see 8,000 strokes representing the number of days for which Owain was incarcerated.

"As a rule, we think of a castle as a place from which to repel trespassers, but in the story, the castle is keeping Owain prisoner inside its walls," said Ogwyn. "The story is more important to me than the Turner painting, although it is an imposing building, with the sky, the clouds and the ountains creating a dramatic backdrop."

Ogwyn Davies Ogwyn Davies Ogwyn Davies Ogwyn Davies