Ifor Davies

Born in Treharris, Ifor Davies has studied in Swansea, Cardiff, Switzerland and Edinburgh. He paints in a variety of styles from his studio in the seaside town of Penarth.

Despite his criticism of Lowry, he enjoyed the challenge. “I don’t like Lowry’s picture much, but I’m glad of the opportunity to paint in Rhyl and to be painting from Lowry’s vantage point. I must admit I’m relieved to be painting after the style of Lowry rather than artists such as Thomas Jones or Richard Wilson whom I admire, because, in my view, Lowry’s work isn’t too hard an act to follow.”

Ifor describes his picture as a “parody” of Lowry, incorporating the ships and the characteristic matchstick figures from the original, but also using many elements of his own multi-media style. He uses egg mixture and mud from the Rhyl seashore as a paint-like base and also includes other debris collected on the seashore in his seascape.

Ifor’s new works will be exhibited to the public as part of a travelling art exhibition.
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Ifor Davies Ifor Davies Ifor Davies Ifor Davies