The struggle for power intensifies in Cardiff Bay as obsession, secrets and revenge threaten to put heads on the line. Burning issues split opinions in the Siambr and there’s a fine line between good and evil – the personal and the professional – in the new series of Byw Celwydd.

A week is a long time in politics, and that’s certainly true about life in the fictional, political drama series Byw Celwydd, which returns to S4C on Sunday, 8 January.

First Minister Meirion Llywelyn had a narrow escape in finale of the last series, after his daughter-in-law, influential Political Editor Angharad Wyn, chose not to disclose that he misled the Senedd. Instead, she decided to save her marriage to husband Owain, and revealed her big secret to him – that she was once a prostitute in London, and one of her clients was Harri James, Special Adviser (SPAD) to the Nationalists.

There’s obvious tension between Angharad and Harri, but Meirion also suspects an agreement between them. Finding out the truth would be a major breakthrough for him and the Conservatives. The First Minister and Angharad are playing a dangerous game as both parties compete for power and revenge. But as Meirion’s obsession grows will this become more important to him than what is right for the country?

The consequences of Angharad’s decision to conceal the truth make life difficult for the Political Editor. Cath Ayers, who plays the ambitious journalist, says that Angharad is torn between her career and her duty to her family.

“It’s a difficult time for Angharad. She has to prove herself all over again, to her colleagues and her boss – but on the other hand – she wants to prove her commitment to Owain. She’s trying to balance everything, which is challenging for her, especially since Owain is devastated about his wife’s revelation, and struggling to cope,” says Cath, who’s from Abergwili, near Carmarthen.

Byw Celwydd made history while filming the second series, as the cast and crew were given permission to film in the Siambr, the first TV series to film there. “It’s a privilege for Byw Celwydd to film in the Siambr. To be able to film in the building we portray gives the series more status,” says Cath who lives in Cardiff.

“Byw Celwydd is a political drama dealing with controversial storylines. But intertwined with this are the characters’ complicated personal lives and this creates a gripping drama.”

But will Angharad manage to balance career and family-life during this second series? “Goodness knows!” says Cath. “Unfortunately the odds are always against Angharad and her husband but that makes for a good story! What’s great about Byw Celwydd is that it’s thrilling, complex and current.”

As the series continues, Angharad is swamped by the aftermath of her revelation while Meirion is determined to find out what she and Harri are hiding; regardless of the personal and political cost.