The new colourful series for children aims to revive nursery rhymes.

“Many children these days have no knowledge of nursery rhymes and it is said that parents are more likely to sing pop songs than nursery rhymes to their children, which is a great shame,” says Nia Ceidiog, managing director of the production company Ceidiog who makes the new series. 

This is the inspiration for the series which features West End star Mark Evans as the main character, Marcaroni, and also stars singer, poet and composer Caryl Parry Jones. Caryl collaborated with composer Christian Phillips to write and compose all the new songs in the series. 

Several local papers have featured the story, with focus on the colourful characters and new songs for young children. Some of the songs will be featured on a special CD. 

Watch Marcaroni every Wednesday at 8:00.

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