This week a new, ground-breaking project kicks off on S4C; a project which combines animation, apps, rockets and zombies; an interactive multi-platform project – Madron.

The story comes to life in an animation, broadcast on Thursday, 22 May on S4C and again on Friday, 23 May as part of TAG on Stwnsh. Following the Madron broadcast, the story will continue in a series of four interactive comic apps which you can download to your tablet or smart phone. One will be released each week, on 22 May, 29 May, 5 June and 12 June – offering a whole new digital adventure, and all through the medium of Welsh.

It all starts in Cardiff, home to Seren Sawyer. Seren is 13 years old and interested in nothing apart from skateboarding and hanging out with her friends. She’s definitely not very interested in her dad, government scientist, Dylan Sawyer.

The very foundations of Seren’s life are shaken when, one day, rockets explode in the sky and release a mysterious virus. The virus is vicious; it turns people into zombies and the entire human race is under threat. It appears that dangerous, unknown individuals may be behind these events, but somehow Seren’s dad is also caught in this web of secrets and lies.

Now the future is in Seren’s hands, and Ishmael, the conscientious student who lives next door, somehow finds himself at the centre of all the trouble; trouble that takes them from Cardiff to the summit of Snowdon.

The apocalyptic story continues in interactive comic apps created by Cardiff-based Cube Interactive. The four apps will be available to download at As well as the story, the apps feature digital games, which the player must complete before finding out what happens next.

“Madron is a manga style animated adventure which is sure to set imaginations alight for both children and young people alike,” says Sioned Wyn Roberts, Children’s Content Commissioner for S4C. “It’s an original idea and a gripping story which works on numerous platforms, so don’t forget to watch and download.”

This is the first production by Glasshead for S4C, and Tim Froggatt, producer at Glasshead has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Madron project.

“The combination of the story, the visual art work and the music, the way that all these elements come together is exciting, and makes for a very interesting story and project. I love the creativity behind Madron. It’s been a fantastic project to work on, and I’m sure the audience and players will enjoy it as much as I do.”