The Cory Band

The Cory Band was the winner on Saturday 17 May

The Cory Band are the winners of S4C's inaugural Band Cymru competition - claiming the trophy and the total prize of £10,000.

Ranked number one Brass Band in the world, they are no strangers to success in competitions far and wide, but to claim a prize on home soil was special to them, says Band Manager Austin Davies.

"As the worlds no 1 ranked Brass Band and proud to represent Wales on the world stage how could we not enter a competition in Wales?" says Austin, who first joined the band in 1997.

"Competitions are what decide who's best. So to have a new competition here where the general public is able to see the process is very exciting.

"I applaud S4C for their decision to commission the series. Wales is the UK hotspot for Brass Bands at the moment but outside of our movement few people know this. Hopefully this series has shown that the viewers what the very best brass bands are capable of."

What will the band do with the £10,000 prize?

"The Cory is a very busy band. This year we have six competitions, three CD recordings and 26 concerts at home and in Europe. At all of these events we are proud to represent Wales and our uniforms display our patriotism with our logo proudly adorning our Blazers. The prize will help to fund new uniforms complete with our logo."

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