Cof Patagonia

A hon yw ein gwlad. Rhown fawl i'n tadau
O ddiwyd antur. A'r Breuddwyd yntau:
Y tir pell, hwy a'i gwelsant o'r pyllau
A chyrchu'r haul o lwch oer chwarelau
Troi'r tywod yn ardd flodau: Arloeswyr!
Hwynt-hwy fydd arwyr haneswyr oesau

R. Bryn Williams, 'Patagonia'

Cof Patagonia (Memories of Patagonia) is a series that looks back at the history of the Welsh colony in Patagonia through a series of interviews and photos. Our links here in Wales with this part of the world go back over a century and a half, and the programme focuses mainly on the developments of the twentieth century, a century which saw a decline in the status of the colony and the language to a large extent. Even so, it ended on a note of optimism, as the Patagonians started to take more of an interest in their own past and the Welsh language, and by now the ties between Wales and Y Wladfa seem to be becoming much stronger.

These pages contain more information about the historical context of the Welsh colony, with a timeline to explain some of the main events. The first emigrants landed off the ship Mimosa in a strange and inhospitable land hoping to create a Welsh religious state, escaping the poverty and cultural oppression of their homeland. A century and a half later, their history is a mixture of success and failure, their fate as much a part of our history here in Wales as that of Argentina.

For further study, a bibliography and some relevant weblinks are also included, together with a brief guide on how to get started if you want to find out more about any family links with the region.

Content for this site produced by Aelwyn Williams from Cwmni Pawb, with thanks also to Mary Simmonds, Elvey Macdonald and to Edi Dorian Jones for the archiving and photography.