Welcome to Cacamwmnci!

Cacamwnci is back with some more funny and silly sketches. Come and meet new characters like Siwpyrtaid, Pedr and Pegi and Mr Pwmps, and some familiar faces like Teulu Siang di Fang, Y Celtiaid and Plismon Preis.

Amser Cinio

Watch out! There are some strange foods being served in Amser Cinio

Mr Pwmps

Hold on tight, Mr Pwmps the headmaster is here and things could get a bit windy!


Cadi is a television presenter who meets all sorts of very different athletes in Tracwisg


He is not your ordinary Taid – he is Siwpyrtaid!

Wil Ffarm

Come and meet Wil Ffarm, who thinks he’s the best farmer in the world!

Fun from series 1

Y Celtiaid

Why not step back two thousand years to the time of The Celts to meet Dadi, Mami and little Celt?

Ann Ffodus

Ann Ffodus is a weather reporter, but she’s not very good at her job… unfortunately!

Od a Li

Come visit the fancy dress shop with Od and Li

Anni a Ben Dod

Anni and Ben Dod are cleaners that really like music, but they usually go overboard and make a complete mess of things!

Mamgu Fach

Mamgu Fach is no ordinary Gran, oh no! What will she and Mali get up to today?

Plismon Preis

Not much happens in Cwm Tawel village, but Plismon Preis and Constable James are ready for anything.

Ben Dant

Ahoy! Will Ben Dant the pirate ever find his treasure?

Dai Disgo

No-one moves like Dai Disgo. Come dance with Dai

Teulu Siang ‘di Fang

Life is never boring in the Siang ‘di Fang family house. Are Nel and Gruff’s parents the silliest in the world?!

Wal Jôcs

Watch out for lots of laughs with the Joke Wall crew