06:00 Cyw


Programmes for children: Ahoi!, Digbi Draig, Sbarc, Sbridiri, Jen a Jim Pob Dim, Guto Gwningen, Olobobs, Deian a Loli, Ysbyty Cyw Bach, Meic y Marchog, Shwshaswyn, Sam Tan, Patrol Pawennau.

06: 00
Ahoi! - Ysgol Trelyn, Y Coed Duon

Today pirates from Ysgol Trelyn, Blackwood help Ben Dant and Cadi to challenge the smelly Capten Cnec.

06: 20
Digbi Draig - Y Ras Fawr

Digbi hopes that this is his year to win 'The Great Race'! But Glenys tells Teifion that she MUST win the race.

06: 30
Sbarc - Lliwiau

A science series with Tudur Phillips and his two friends, Sbarc the scientist and Nef the Nature Detective. The theme of this programme is Colours.

06: 45
Sbridiri - Ffair

An arts series for pre-school children. In this programme Twm and Lisa make a carousel, and re-create some fairground attractions with the children from Ysgol Llangain.

  • English subtitles
07: 05
Jen a Jim Pob Dim - Yr Anghenfil Eira

The garden is cloaked in snow, so Plwmp and Deryn decide to build a snowman. With Jen and Jim and Glyn the Gardener, they create a very unusual looking snowman!

  • English subtitles
07: 20
Guto Gwningen - Hanes y Storm

Guto, Lili and Benja race to rescue Nel's beloved blanket, escape Mr Cadno, and get back home before a brewing storm finally breaks.

  • English subtitles
07: 30
Olobobs - Tylwythen Deg

When Crunch finds a new fairy friend no one else can see, the Olobobs create Hairy Fairy, who it turns out is rather bad at magic.

07: 35
Deian a Loli - A Grwndi Wirion

There's no sign of Grwndi, Nain Botwnnog's cat, and everyone is starting to worry. Deian and Loli decide to go looking for her, despite the fact it's getting dark outside.

  • English subtitles
07: 50
Ysbyty Cyw Bach - Dod ar Frys

Cyw is rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

  • English subtitles
08: 05
Meic y Marchog a'r Trysor Hapus - Meic y Marchog a'r Dreigiau Dychrynllyd

When Meic's dragons try to act scary, Sbarcyn is better at it - but Meic doesn't notice how upset this makes Sblash. When a forgotten Sblash gets stuck up the tower, Meic learns not to favour one of his friends over the other.

08: 20
Shwshaswyn - Hydref

The Autumn is a colourful time but it's good to concentrate on one marvel at a time. Today, the Captain has some acorns, whilst Fflwff is dancing with the leaves before Seren has the chance to put them in her scrapbook.

08: 25
Sam Tan - Tren gofod

Who needs the help of Fireman Sam in Pontypandy today thanks to the space train?

08: 35
Patrol Pawennau - Cwn a'r Gwdihw

The PAW Patrol are the ones to call when a mother owl loses her baby.

08:50 Penblwyddi Cyw

Penblwyddi Cyw

If you're celebrating your birthday, you may be lucky enough to see your photo on today's Cyw!

  • English subtitles

08:55 Pen-blwydd Pwy? Merch

Pen-blwydd Pwy? Merch - Robotiaid

Entertaining and educational animated series for nursery school children. It's time to see whose birthday it is today!

  • English subtitles

09:00 Dal Ati: Bore Da

Dal Ati: Bore Da

Bore Da is a weekly series which guides viewers through some of the items shown on Heno or Prynhawn Da during the previous week, and visits people and places of interest to those learning Welsh.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

10:00 Dal Ati

Dal Ati

Ifan Jones Evans presents a new series of 'Caru Casglu' where he meets people from around Wales who collect various objects. To follow, a chance to see 'Ar Werth'.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

11:00 Rownd a Rownd

Rownd a Rownd

Vince remains in hospital on the day of his birthday, and still feels depressed - Terry offers him to stay at theirs to recover. Lowri has a romantic meal with Phil, but sadly Matthew sees her leaving. Sian receives an offer on the house, and puts pressure on John to tell her exactly what worries him... financial problems? On top of this, his wife continues to bribe him for money, and Arthur in turn bribes her for part of the money!

  • English subtitles
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  • Audio described

11:30 Rownd a Rownd

Rownd a Rownd

After seeing Lowri come out of the shop's flat, Mathew is determined to discover the truth, but will his fishing lead Philip and Lowri to play a dangerous game? Vince finally leaves the hospital but although it was Terry and Sophie who invited him to the house to get better, another question is who will really look after him? Carys has no choice but to face the awkward situation regarding Dylan and the website.

  • English subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

11:55 Clwb Ni

Clwb Ni - Cyclecross

Profile of a sports club.


12:00 Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol - Llanrwst

We start the new series in Llanrwst, at the 2019 Conwy County National Eisteddfod Proclamation Cymanfa Ganu, conducted by local multi-talented musician, Trystan Lewis. Nia chats to Eisteddfod Chief Executive Betsan Moses, about the importance of religion within the Welsh festival, and Ryland talks to Maureen Hughes, one of the 2019 Eisteddfod's honorary presidents, and an active member of the community. We will also enjoy a performance by local choir, CoRwst.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
12: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

12:30 Gwlad Beirdd

Gwlad Beirdd - Eifion Wyn

The main location of this programme is the busy town of Porthmadog, where Eifion Wyn lived for most of his life. Tudur Dylan Jones and Mererid Hopwood explore the town, looking for places that played an important part in the poet's life.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

13:00 Mwy o'r Babell Len 2018

Mwy o'r Babell Len 2018

Myrddin ap Dafydd talks to Emyr Lewis about his latest volume with contributions from Jerry Hunter and Esyllt Lewis; we look at the work of writers who have settled in Wales after having to flee their own countries; and we enjoy the Eisteddfod's '8 out of 10 bards' panel game under the care of Guto Dafydd.

14:00 Lorient '18

Lorient '18

Four and a half thousand musicians, singers, and dancers; over seven hundred and fifty thousand visitors from the Celtic countries. Each year the festival chooses one country to become an 'honorary country' and this year the privilege went to Wales. Join Bethan Rhiannon from the band Calan and singer and composer Gwilym Bowen Rhys for a memorable tour of music and much celebration in this special festival.

  • English subtitles

15:00 Y Ty Cymreig

Y Ty Cymreig - Tai Cynnar

Series charting the architectural history of Welsh houses with presenter, Aled Samuel, and expert, Dr Greg Stevenson. This programme looks at the early houses of Wales and visits Plas Mawr near Conwy, Y Glyn on Anglesey, Cynhinfa Hall near Welshpool and Cefn Caer in Pennal.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

15:30 Dros Gymru

Dros Gymru - Menna Elfyn, Ceredigion

Poet Menna Elfyn talks about a place close to her heart - the beaches of Llangrannog and New Quay in Ceredigion. She talks of her childhood memories and explains what the area means to her.

  • Welsh subtitles

15:45 Ralio+

Ralio+ - Uchafbwyntiau Rali Cymru GB

More about the Welsh people who competed in the Wales Rally GB's National Rally, and the highlights from the British Rally Championship.

  • English subtitles


16:15 Ffermio


We hear different views regarding the 'Brexit and our Land' consultation; learn how a company in West Wales grows thousands of cauliflowers; and celebrate the 10th year of the Wales YFC lamb scheme.

  • English subtitles

16:45 Newyddion a Chwaraeon

Newyddion a Chwaraeon

Weekend news and sport.

  • English subtitles
16: 58
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

17:00 Pobol y Cwm Omnibws

Pobol y Cwm Omnibws

Omnibus edition looking back at events in the fictional village of Cwmderi over the past week. With on-screen English subtitles.

  • English subtitles
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  • Audio described

18:45 Ysgoloriaeth Urdd Gobaith Cymr

Ysgoloriaeth Urdd Gobaith Cymr

Six young performers compete for the Urdd Gobaith Cymru Bryn Terfel Scholarship, with a cash prize of four thousand pounds: Glain Rhys - Aelwyd Penllyn, Meirionydd; Celyn Cartwright - Canolfan Berfformio Cymru, Caerdydd a'r Fro; Epsie Thompson - A member outside of Wales; Emyr Lloyd Jones - Solo member, Cylch Arfon, Eryri; Elwyn Sion Williams - Ysgol Gyfun Glantaf, Caerdydd a'r Fro and Jodi Bird - A member outside of Wales. Join Trystan Ellis-Morris from the Pavillion Theatre, Llandrindod Wells.

  • English subtitles

21:00 Byw Celwydd

Byw Celwydd

The road to political unity is full of unexpected twists, turns and political hurdles as Nationalist Prime Minister, Rhiannon Roberts decides to meddle with Megan Ashford's ambitious plans to strengthen the transport links between England and Wales. Disappointed at his father's decision to shelve his plans for an autobiography, Owain is at a loose end. The answer to his prayers comes from an unexpected direction and causes Harri and Angharad distress.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

22:00 Y Byd yn ei Le gyda Guto Harri

Y Byd yn ei Le gyda Guto Harri

Guto Harri puts the world to rights as he interviews big names in Welsh and UK politics.

  • English subtitles
22: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

22:30 Rhyfel Fietnam

Rhyfel Fietnam - Lladd dy Frawd

South Vietnamese forces fighting on their own in Laos suffer a terrible defeat. Massive US airpower makes the difference in halting an unprecedented North Vietnamese offensive. After being re-elected in a landslide, Nixon announces that Hanoi has agreed to a peace deal. American prisoners of war will finally come home - to a bitterly divided country.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
23: 32
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

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