06:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

06: 00
Rapsgaliwn - Sudd Afal

Rapsgaliwn will be visiting an orchard to find out how apples are turned into apple juice in this episode!

  • English subtitles
06: 15
Blero yn Mynd i Ocido - Suo Gan

When all the bees disappear Blero and his friends meet bee royalty to save the day.

  • English subtitles
06: 25

Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

  • English subtitles
06: 35
Bobi Jac - Yn Mynd Stomp Stomp

Bobi Jac and Nibbles the Rabbit go on a countryside adventure and play stompety stomp.

  • English subtitles
06: 50
Igam Ogam - Dwed Stori Wrtha i

A bored Igam Ogam badgers her friends to tell her a story but gets angry when the story doesn't feature her.

  • English subtitles
07: 00
Y Teulu Mawr - Y Ras Fawr

The children organise a race between Mrs Mawr and Mrs Twt to determine which one of the mothers is the fittest. But will all be fair and square?

  • English subtitles
07: 15
Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - U - Utgorn ac Uwd

The Cywiadur interrupts Jen's reading time. It's Cyw and Bolgi. They have come across a sad little bear. The bear also has a pile of books. Will reading a story help to cheer up the little bear?

  • English subtitles
07: 30
Olobobs - Trip Busnes

The Olobobs give something away at Norbet's shop - but he can't remember what it's called until Whatyamacallit asks him just the right questions.

07: 35
Patrol Pawennau - Dant Rhydd

Cwrsyn has a loose tooth but is too scared to go to the dentist. Aled is also afraid to go the dentist so Mr Parry calls the PAW Patrol to help.

07: 50
Sam Tan - Cestyll yn yr awyr

Elvis Criddlington and his cousin Jerry Lee Cridlington in the same place? Steele is totally perplexed!

08:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for our younger viewers.

08: 00
Da 'Di Dona - Cymorth cyntaf gyda Trystan

Join Dona Direidi as she tries her hand at all sorts of different jobs. Today, she's going to learn how to be a first aider with Trystan.

  • English subtitles
08: 10
Mwnci'n Dweud Mwnci'n Gwneud - Tarw

When Bull comes to visit there is a lot of shouting, stamping and running!

  • English subtitles
08: 20
Ahoi! - Ysgol Bro Helyg, Abertyleri

Today pirates from Ysgol Bro Helyg, Abertillery join Ben Dant and Cadi to challenge the smelly Capten Cnec.

08: 35
Falmai'r Fuwch - Cerddorfa Falmai

Story time with Falmai the Cow.

  • English subtitles
08: 45
Twt - Prosiect Arbennig Cen Twyn

Cen Twyn has been working on a new project for a while. T?t can't wait to see what the new machine is and what it does.

  • English subtitles
08: 55
Octonots - a'r Bwganod Dwr Deiliog

Two tiny leafy sea dragons make their way on board the Octopod hidden in a mass of seaweed and are rescued just in time as Harri is about to accidentally stir them into a pirate stew!

  • English subtitles
09: 05
Tili a'i ffrindiau - Fflur a'r Freichled

Fflur is starring in the famous ballet 'Chicken Lake' and is in need of a special something to make her outfit extra fabulous. Tili lends Fflur her precious, sparkly bangle and ta-daa - Fflur feels like a princess. But after a particularly enthusiastic warm-up routine Fflur notices the bracelet is missing. How can she find the courage to own up to Tili, and where on earth has the missing bangle gone?

  • English subtitles
09: 20
Cled - Disglair

Fun for pre school children with Cled and friends as they discover the wonderful world around them.

  • English subtitles
09: 30
Straeon Ty Pen - Sgidia Glaw Nain

Tudur Owen finds himself on the peak of Everest in a pirate ship talking to a gorilla, a dragon and his grandmother. How on earth has this happened? I wonder if Granny's magical wellingtons have something to do with the kerfuffle.

  • English subtitles
09: 45
Cei Bach - Problem Del

One morning, Huwi finds Del in floods of tears in the shop. He manages to find out that the animal sanctuary is closing, leaving Del's two friends - Tudno and Tesni, the donkeys - without a home. Can the kind people of Cei Bach find an answer to this terrible dilemma?

  • English subtitles

10:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

10: 00
Rapsgaliwn - Mel

Rapsgaliwn - the world?s greatest rapper (in gold he?s so dapper!) will be visiting a beehive in this episode to discover how to make honey! He will rap about his findings as usual at the end of the episode.

  • English subtitles
10: 15
Blero yn Mynd i Ocido - Teledu Estron

All Ocido's television channels are completely mixed up and Blero and his friends have to fix the problem.

  • English subtitles
10: 25

Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

  • English subtitles
10: 35
Bobi Jac - Yn Rhoi Syndod

Bobi Jac and Nibbles the Rabbit go on a surprising farm adventure.

  • English subtitles
10: 50
Igam Ogam - Shhh!

When her great grandfather has a headache, Igam Ogam goes all out to make sure he has peace and quiet!

  • English subtitles
11: 00
Y Teulu Mawr - Mam Wedi Cael Digon!

Mrs Mawr has had enough of doing all the household chores with no help from the children and announces that she is on strike!

  • English subtitles
11: 15
Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Th - Amser Bath

Seth the dog is barking a lot and nobody knows why! I wonder if Jen and Jim can work out why Seth is barking?

  • English subtitles
11: 30
Olobobs - Tylwythen Deg

When Crunch finds a new fairy friend no one else can see, the Olobobs create Hairy Fairy, who it turns out is rather bad at magic.

11: 35
Patrol Pawennau - Cwn a'r Gwdihw

The PAW Patrol are the ones to call when a mother owl loses her baby.

11: 50
Sam Tan - Tren gofod

Who needs the help of Fireman Sam in Pontypandy today thanks to the space train?


12:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
12: 02
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

12:05 Haf Ganol Gaeaf

Haf Ganol Gaeaf

The adventures of the Welsh foursome in South Georgia continue, but it's time for them to go their separate ways. Iolo Williams and Lynfa Jenkin go off to study the colourful and varied wildlife of the coastal areas, while Caradoc Jones and Alun Hughes head for the mountains.

  • English subtitles
  • /
  • /
  • Signed

12:30 Hedd Wyn: Canrif o Gofio

Hedd Wyn: Canrif o Gofio

Hedd Wyn is arguably Wales' best known poet. 100 years after his death on the battlefields of Belgium, National Poet of Wales, Ifor ap Glyn tells his story, one that was to become one of Wales' most enduring tragedies.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

13:30 Sion a Sian

Sion a Sian

In the final programme of this series both couples competing come from North Wales - Emma and Will Evans from Botwnnog on the Llyn Peninsula and Michael and Gwenan Charters from Bala. Michael and Gwenan are no strangers to the show. They competed on the programme in 1996. They won the jackpot then but will they be as successful this time round? Will and Emma met when they were teenagers and have been together for 12 years. Will is an ardent Everton fan but Emma hates football! Will they be able

  • English subtitles

14:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
14: 02
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

14:05 Prynhawn Da

Prynhawn Da

Today, Huw Fash will be in the style corner. Dr Ann will share her medical advice and Kevin Davies will be in the studio with his Autumn flower arrangements.

  • English subtitles

15:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
15: 02
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

15:05 Glowyr

Glowyr - Gwaed Ar Y Glo

The loss of life in the South Wales coalfield was at one time the highest in Britain. The list of tragedies is a long one - at mines including Cilfynydd, Abercarn, Cymmer, Senghennydd, and Gresford.

  • English subtitles

15:30 Mwynhau'r Pethe

Mwynhau'r Pethe - Ifor Owen

This series portrays five well-known individuals who have taken an active role in Welsh cultural life. This time it's Ifor Owen - a well-known representative of several national organisations, former head-master, artist and editor of the childrens magazine Hwyl.


16:00 Awr Fawr

Awr Fawr

Programmes for younger viewers.

16: 00
Olobobs - Mynydd

Bobble refuses to climb a mountain, until Flicky Flack helps him forget how high it is.

16: 05
Sam Tan - Ar goll yn yr ogofau

Someone is lost in the caves... so who will need the help of Fireman Sam in Pontypandy today?

16: 20
Bobi Jac - Yn Neidio

Bobi Jac and the Hamsternauts go on a space adventure and enjoy jumping.

  • English subtitles
16: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Achub y robo-gi

The PAW Patrol must help Gwil find his robot pup when the antenna breaks and the robot pup goes out of control.

16: 45

A comedy show for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes, fun, monkey nonsense and great new comedy characters.

  • English subtitles

17:00 Stwnsh


Tune in to see old favourites and new series for youngsters all over Wales.

17: 00

Newyddion a chwaraeon dyddiol i bobl ifanc.

  • English subtitles
17: 05
Y Doniolis - Y Fferm

In this new, fun, children's series we'll follow the adventures of the mischievous Donioli brothers, Luigi and Louie and their young niece, Liwsi. In this programme, Gwyneth Davies calls on the Doniolis to complete some work on the farm, but the brothers have no idea where to begin.

17: 10
Kung Fu Panda - Arwr y Pentref

While visiting Mantis' hometown, Po discovers his friend hasn't been entirely honest with the villagers as he has claimed to be the Dragon Warrior in order to impress his ex-fiance. Po has to go along with the intrigue for a while.

17: 35

This is the show that does the experiments you shouldn't do at home! Explosions, electric shocks, dangerous chemicals, cutting-edge technology and gunge!

17: 45
Rygbi Pawb - Coleg Gwyr v Coleg Llandrillo

Highlights from the Welsh Schools and Colleges League.

18:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
18: 02
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

18:05 Codi Pac

Codi Pac - Y Trallwng

Join Geraint Hardy as he journeys around Wales. Today he'll be in Welshpool to see what the town has to offer and to look at places to stay, where to eat and what to visit.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

18:30 Rownd a Rownd

Rownd a Rownd

Carwyn prepares to apologise to Jason, having come to understand that he's been a bit of a hero in helping Anest yesterday. John is busy reaching the end of his tether as Mags insists on getting more money - he realises he has to do something drastic to get the money for the next payment, but Rhys gets to know about his plan and warns him that he is playing with fire. With Sophie accepting Vince's offer to go for Sunday dinner with the children, he begins to wonder if he can't rekindle the relat

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

19:00 Heno


Tonight, we come to you live from St Fagans National Museum of History. We'll also be live from Portmeirion, where the Mary Vaughan Jones Award is presented to the family of the late Gareth F. Williams.

  • English subtitles

19:30 Pobol y Cwm

Pobol y Cwm

Sara is furious with Britt for making her believe that Jason was having an affair. Non is fed up with Kath and Debbie's constant interference.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

20:00 Trysorau'r Teulu

Trysorau'r Teulu

We discover more about the first Mizo language dictionary and native Mizo necklaces, whose owner is Former Reverend Aneurin Owen, born to parents who were missionaries at Mizoram. We also meet enthusiastic antique collector Blodwen, who doesn't like her Charlotte Rhead plate and hopes she will discover it's of great financial value. But will she have furniture of greater value hiding in the house?

  • English and Welsh subtitles

21:00 Newyddion 9

Newyddion 9

S4C news and weather at 9.00pm.

  • English subtitles
21: 02
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

21:30 Y Salon

Y Salon

The cameras have been eavesdropping at Llanharan, Caernarfon, Bangor and Llanybydder, and the stylists Alun, Jason, Colin, Carys, Cara, Catrin and Rhian will be listening and advising the customers at the salon, barbershop and nail bar. Will there be familiar faces in the chair this week? The salon is not just for hairdressing! This is the modern confessional box, where customers share all sorts of secrets!

  • English subtitles

22:00 Hansh


Tunes, comedy & fresh faces. A taste of online content @hanshs4c.

  • English subtitles
22: 33
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

22:35 Sgorio Rhyngwladol

Sgorio Rhyngwladol - Gweriniaeth Iwerddon v Cymru

It's the Emerald Isle that attracts the Welsh Dragons for the third game in the Nations League. After beating the Irish 4-1 in Cardiff in September Ryan Giggs' team will be full of confidence. Many Irish stars were absent in the last game and Martin O'Neill's team is expected to be ready for the challenge from Wales' young team. Join the Sgorio crew for this international football match from Aviva Stadium, Dublin. Kick-off 7.45.

00: 48
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

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