06:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

06: 00
Asra - Ysgol Bro Lleu, Penygroes

Children from Ysgol Penygroes visit Asra this week.

  • English subtitles
06: 15
Meripwsan - Taclus

A big storm has thrown rubbish all over the garden. Meripwsan and his friends attempt to clear up the mess.

  • English subtitles
06: 20
Octonots - a'r Mor-nadroedd Torfelyn

When a mass of poisonous sea snakes get stranded on a beach, Pegwn and the Octonauts must somehow get them all back into the ocean.

06: 35
Guto Gwningen - Hanes y Cyrch Crai

When Guto accidentally destroys the Squirrels' store of nuts with one of Mr Sboncen's misfiring inventions, he sets off with his friends to perilous Owl Island to replace them!

  • English subtitles
06: 45
Y Dywysoges Fach - Dwi ddim yn licio taranau

The Little Princess is a superhero who is not afraid of anything except thunder and lightning.

  • English subtitles
07: 00
Cymylaubychain - 'Sdim Hwyl i'w Gael, Haul!

The friends enjoy playing with snowballs but Haul's aren't as good as everyone else's.

  • English subtitles
07: 10
Nico Nog - Nofio

Nico doesn't venture into the water but his two friends Elfyn and Beca go swimming on a freezing mid winter's day!

  • English subtitles
07: 20
Amser Maith Maith Yn Ol - Oes Fictoria: Y Nadolig

Today Grandad is reading a story about Christmas and there?s excitement at Llwyn yr Eos as the family prepare for Christmas.

  • English subtitles
07: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Achub Cystadleuaeth Eirafyrddi

The pups must help out when a snowboarding course is buried by snow.

07: 45
Sam Tan - Goleuadau Nadolig

Two families cause problems for the Fire Brigade as they compete to have the best Christmas lights in Pontypandy.

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08:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for our younger viewers.

08: 00
Halibalw - Nadolig

Join the Halibalw crew for lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing.

  • English subtitles
08: 10
Ynys Broc Mor Lili - Gemau'r Gaeaf

Tarw is determined to win a medal at the winter games.

08: 15
Ben Dant - Ysgol y Graig

Join the pirate Ben Dant, and a team from Ysgol Y Graig on their adventure to find four golden keys and a chest full of treasure.

  • English subtitles
08: 30
Yn yr Ardd - Band yr Ardd

The friends are busy practising their musical instruments.

  • English subtitles
08: 45
Abadas - Llong Danfor

The Abadas are learning to swim with Hari the hippo! Will Hari be able to show Seren and Ela the wonders of the sea bed with the help of today's word?

  • English subtitles
09: 00
Blero yn Mynd i Ocido - Mi Wela i......

Blero and his friends explore the forest with Brethwen, but when her eyesight fails her, Sim, Sam and S?n come to the rescue.

  • English subtitles
09: 10
Sara a Cwac - Y Car Llusg

It's snowing, and Sara and Cwac hear about Siani Scarffiau's achievements in the Winter Games.

  • English subtitles
09: 20
Bobi Jac - A'r Olion Traed

Bobi Jac and Pengw Gwyn go on a snowy adventure following footprints.

  • English subtitles
09: 30
Oli Wyn - Golchi Tren

Have you ever wondered what happens to a train after it finishes its long journey? Today, the train crew show us how they prepare the train for its next trip.

  • English subtitles
09: 40

Today we meet Cian's snake and see an extraordinary bird of prey that works at the Principality Stadum in Cardiff.

  • English subtitles

10:00 Cyw


Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

10: 00
Asra - Ysgol Pen y Bryn, Bethesda

Children from Ysgol Pen y Bryn, Bethesda visit Asra this week.

  • English subtitles
10: 15
Meripwsan - Tyner

Meripwsan discovers a cocoon and then a newly hatched butterfly and learns the best way to be gentle is to 'not touch at all'.

  • English subtitles
10: 20
Octonots - a Dirgelwch yr Anghenfil Gwymo

Dela teams up with her little sister, Cadi, to solve a mysterious disappearance in a kelp forest.

  • English subtitles
10: 30
Guto Gwningen - Hanes y Ddihangfa Serth

Guto takes Benja and Lili on a wild ride down a steep slope. But when Benja gets injured, Guto has to navigate them to safety past the clutches of Hen Ben and Tomi Broch.

  • English subtitles
10: 45
Y Dywysoges Fach - Dwi isio'n falwen i

The Little Princess has a new friend - Speedy the snail.

  • English subtitles
11: 00
Cymylaubychain - Ble mae Ffwffa?

Fwffa is in a playful mood but laughing soon turns to crying.

  • English subtitles
11: 10
Nico Nog - Tail!

It's a bitterly cold day and Nico and Rene have gone out for a walk. Rene is wearing a warm coat but Nico has decided against it preferring to keep warm in the unlikeliest of places - on a dunghill!

  • English subtitles
11: 15
Amser Maith Maith Yn Ol - Oes Fictoria: Ysgol

Today grandad has a story from Victorian times and Ceti is looking forward to hearing about Ceridwen and her brother who live on Llwyn yr Eos Farm.

  • English subtitles
11: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Cwn yn Achub Carw

Gwill and the PAW Patrol rescue a family of deer stuck on slippery ice!

11: 45
Sam Tan - Rhew ac Eira

When a big chill comes to Pontypandy, Norman and Mandy decide to build a snowman. But Norman gets his mum best scarf dirty when he dresses up his snowman, so he decides to wash it.

  • English subtitles


12:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
12: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

12:05 Llefydd Sanctaidd

Llefydd Sanctaidd - Seintiau a Chreiriau

A journey around some of Britain's most sacred places with Ifor ap Glyn. Saints were the rock-and-roll kings of the middle ages and we begin at the place where pop-singer Marc Bolan was killed in a car crash in 1977 before visiting more conventional sacred sites at St David's and Pennant Melangell. Also the history of Britain's first Christian martyr, St Alban.

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12:30 Tair Dinas a Goncrodd y Byd

Tair Dinas a Goncrodd y Byd - 1880-2017 Y Ras am Fawredd

London and New York reign but it's a period of revolution. While the money flows into the pockets of enterprising investors, there's a riot on the streets of the East End. But there's nothing that can prevent the two cities from rising to great heights. From the Blitz's dust there will be a further opportunity for London to modernise and create the most successful business area in the world. In New York steel is transforming things...

  • English and Welsh subtitles

13:30 Bwyd Epic Chris

Bwyd Epic Chris

This time Chris goes with his friends for an epic weekend at a small cottage in the middle of a forest in Betws y Coed. He will be searching for treasure in the woods to make a mushroom-filled meal, and will be preparing a steak for the boys that will help their hangover in the morning! But the biggest challenge will be to cook a spit-roast pig powered by the river's water. Epic!

  • English and Welsh subtitles

14:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
14: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

14:05 Prynhawn Da

Prynhawn Da

Today, we reveal the Carol yr ?yl result, and Huw Fash opens the studio wardrobe.

  • English subtitles

15:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
15: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

15:05 Yr Ocsiwniar

Yr Ocsiwniar

In this programme a prized Welsh Black is expected to fetch a high price when she's sold at Marian Mawr Farm, Benllech. We also see the opening of Caffi Arian in Valley and visit this year's Anglesey Show.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

15:30 Cymru ar Ffilm

Cymru ar Ffilm - Gwlad y Gan

Beti George shares highlights from the BBC Wales archives - films that document the end of the traditional Welsh way of life and the birth of a new Wales. From male voice choirs to brass bands, from the chapel to the public house, it's hard to imagine a Wales without music. Our folk traditions were kept alive thanks to brilliant musicians, and popular song enjoyed a new lease of life with the growth of the Welsh pop scene. Last in series.

  • English subtitles


16:00 Awr Fawr

Awr Fawr

Programmes for younger viewers.

16: 00
Olobobs - Anlwc

Tib is being followed by Bad Luck - until Gigglegoon comes along and brightens their day.

16: 05
Sam Tan - Bron a Rhewi

Trefor has an accident with the bus in the snow.

  • English subtitles
16: 15
Digbi Draig - Reid Dreigiol Aruthrol

Teifion is helping Glenys clear up their home. He finds the perfect place to deposit their junk - in Cochyn's Treehouse!

16: 30
Patrol Pawennau - Achub y tren

A rock slide blocks a train that has Cadi and her cat on it! The pups must clear out the rocks unaware that Cali the cat has wandered off.

16: 45
Amser Maith Maith Yn Ol - Oes y Tuduriaid : Ymolchi

Today's story comes from Tudor times. While Meistres Bowen is still sleeping, Elen, her maid has been busy for hours preparing her wash bowl.

  • English subtitles

17:00 Stwnsh


Tune in to see old favourites and new series for youngsters all over Wales.

17: 00

Newyddion a chwaraeon dyddiol i bobl ifanc.

  • English subtitles
17: 05
Cath-Od - Yr Iogi Olaf ar ei draed

Macs stupidly tries to persuade Crinc that he was once a Yoga Master.

17: 15
SpynjBob Pantsgwar - Simffoni'r Sugnwr

The Bikini Bottom Symphony is accepting submissions for their composition contest, and Sulwyn is determined to win.

17: 25

Slapstick series about a group of funny blue men, Gogo, Roro, Popo a Jojo, who just love jelly beans. What fun and games will the crew get up to this time?

17: 30
Prosiect Z - Ysgol Bodedern

Will the 5 brave pupils escape or be turned into Zeds? Today the Zeds have arrived at Ysgol Bodedern.

18:00 Newyddion S4C

Newyddion S4C

S4C news and weather.

  • English subtitles
18: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

18:05 Llys Nini

Llys Nini

Elin Fflur and Steffan Alun present the stories of the furry and feathered friends at the Llys Nini animal centre. In this programme we meet the volunteers and have fun in the charity shop.

  • English subtitles

18:30 Rownd a Rownd

Rownd a Rownd

Jac is doing Christmas shopping in Chester today - well, that's the story he tells the Salon's crew! But it's not shopping he's doing when he meets a woman in a cafe and receives gifts from her... Mathew's fed up with the state of the house and things get worse when he finds traces of new 'friends' who have moved in with them! When she finds out that Philip had told Mathew about their relationship, Lowri is very disappointed - can she live with Philip's betrayal?

  • English and Welsh subtitles
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  • Audio described

19:00 Heno


Tonight, Luke McCall joins us for a chat and song. Also, Carys Tudor shares her tips on how to wrap Christmas presents in an environmentally-friendly way.

  • English subtitles

19:30 Pobol y Cwm

Pobol y Cwm

Will Colin be able to accept that Britt has set her sights on a new man? Sion feels responsible for making the Parris homeless over Christmas.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
  • /
  • Audio described

20:00 Nadolig Hafod Lon

Nadolig Hafod Lon

Join Guto Meredydd and the pupils of Hafod Lon additional needs School as they prepare for a very special Christmas concert at Portmeirion. With Dewi Pws, Elin Fflur and pupils from Cefn Coch school sharing the stage with the young stars of Hafod Lon.

  • English subtitles

21:00 Newyddion 9

Newyddion 9

S4C news and weather at 9.00pm.

  • English subtitles
21: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

21:30 Y Byd ar Bedwar

Y Byd ar Bedwar - Nol i Affganistan

On this occasion, we go to Afghanistan in a special one-hour programme to evaluate what has been achieved there in the last decade.

  • English subtitles
22: 28
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

22:30 Gwesty Aduniad

Gwesty Aduniad

For guests who check in to Gwesty Aduniad ('Reunion Hotel') one thing's for certain: life's about to change forever. Nestled in the heart of the Welsh countryside, the guests at this hotel are here with only one thing in mind: to meet someone from their past. As Christmas arrives at Reunion Hotel, Taith Williams's long search for her biological family reaches its conclusion, and there are finally answers for Judith Davies in her search for her own blood family.

  • English and Welsh subtitles

23:30 Cerys Matthews a'r Goeden Faled

Cerys Matthews a'r Goeden Faled

In the final episode of the series, Cerys continues her research into the history of songs which have their origins in Wales, or have some connection with the Land of Song. She looks at how Jean Sibelius' musical work from Finland was combined with the words of Welshman, Lewis Valentine, to create one of our favourite anthems, Finlandia. She then goes back to the world of ballads and delves into a mystery surrounding the story of 'Yr Eneth Ga'dd Ei Gwrthod'.

  • English and Welsh subtitles
00: 03
Y Tywydd

Weather forecast.

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