S4C announce that its CEO will be stepping down from his role at the end of 2017


S4C announce today that its CEO Ian Jones, will be stepping down from his role towards the end of 2017, following the completion of an independent review of the Channel by the UK Government.

Jones who will have been in the role for 6 years at the time of his departure intends to continue working in the TV business and is looking to split his work time between the UK and San Francisco on the West coast of the USA, where his partner has recently taken up employment.

Jones said "My 6 years at S4C brings to a close a career long association with the channel. It’s been a time of perpetual change, full of challenges and has been a privilege to work with a passionate and talented staff and some of the most talented people in the industry. In 1982 I was part of the S4C launch team before returning over 30 years later as CEO. I am confident that the independent production industry in Wales has the talent, commitment and passion to take S4C to the next exciting stage in its history. I will certainly miss the role but more importantly I will miss the people."

Huw Jones, Chairman of the S4C Authority, said “Ian has led S4C through a period of great change with energy and commitment. He has won the confidence of the television industry in Wales, as well as that of politicians of all parties, and has been instrumental in delivering a new highly productive partnership with the BBC. He has dealt with substantial cuts in funding while ensuring that the service on offer to the public has been of a very high quality. Under his leadership, S4C has taken important steps forward in respect of its presence online and across the UK. We are glad that he will remain in post to lead S4C’s contributions to the independent review which will take place next year, while the agreed timing for his departure will allow his successor to take charge in good time for the move to Carmarthen in 2018.”

Earlier this year the UK government announced an independent review of S4C's remit and financing to take place after BBC Charter renewal in the 1st part of 2017.


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