Learning the alphabet with Cyw


Learning the alphabet with Cyw

A book to coincide with the new S4C children’s series Jen a Jim Pob Dim a’r Cywiadur has been launched.

The book, Llythrennau Llawen Jen a Jim coincides with S4C series, Jen a Jim Pob Dim which will broadcast on S4C from 13 March 2017 as part of the Cyw service. Llythrennau Llawen Jen a Jim was created in partnership between S4C, TV production company Boom Plant and publishers Canolfan Peniarth.

This is one of the first times where an educational resource is produced to coincide with a children’s TV programme that focuses on developing early literacy skills of a child.

Sioned Wyn Roberts, S4C Content Commissioner for Children and Young People Content at S4C, is thrilled that Cyw characters are playing a key a role in children’s education; "To coincide with the new series Jen and Jim a’r Cywiadur, which starts on S4C in March, we are delighted that Canolfan Peniarth has contributed their expertise in the field of education and has developed a quality literacy resource for schools. By working with experts in the field of education, the popular Cyw characters play a central role in a child's early years development, and is part of their everyday lives at home and at school."

Canolfan Peniarth Director, Mr Gwydion Wynne said, "We are delighted to cooperate with Boom Plant on this unique publication, which is very exciting for us as it is one of the first times a resources that responds directly to specific teaching elements of the Foundation Phase Framework has been developed to coincide with a TV series. In developing the book, we have focused on creating a series of fun exercises that children and parents will enjoy responding to. It is important that parents are aware of the type of activities used in the classroom so that they can support the learning process at home."

The book includes the Cywiadur element which explains how to phonetically pronounce words in order to enable non Welsh speaking parents to help their child with the activities.

The book will be available to buy in shops and on the Canolfan Peniarth website from March onwards.

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