S4C social viewing passes three million


The viewing figures for S4C social media content has passed the three million mark a month, less than a year since passing two million.

Two years ago, in September 2015, S4C’s content on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter was viewed 40,000 times a month.

But last September, S4C’s digital content passed the one million mark for the first time – then in December 2016 the content was viewed over two million times and now it has reached three million.

Since starting a new way of publishing and measuring content on social media in October 2015 the viewing figures on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have gradually increased.

Gwyn Williams, Director of Communications at S4C said; "This astounding increase comes as a result of our strategy of working with S4C’s suppliers to increase the amount of content available on-line. This varies from Heno to Sgorio, from Newyddion 9 to Hansh – our new short form service. We now measure the exact number of viewers on all these platforms and obviously people like being able to browse and enjoy this variety of content.

"Last month we announced that Hansh had been viewed over a million times within two months of starting, and in the last fortnight Chris “Foodgasm” Roberts’ Kofta Kebab recipe has already been viewed over 120,000 times. The public are obviously developing a taste for S4C’s social offering."

Aug-17 Views

Facebook 2,702,182 85%

Twitter 220,943 7%

YouTube 264,003 8%

Total Views 3,187,128

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