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Provision of information to Ofcom

S4C provides a significant amount of information to Ofcom each year relating to the performance of S4C's television service.

This includes financial information, quantitative information regarding the performance of S4C's television service and information regarding compliance with Ofcom's relevant quotas.

  • S4C provides the following information to Ofcom:
  • Annual income and expenditure information;
  • Monthly and annual financial information relating to TV advertising sales on S4C;
  • Detailed expenditure information per genre of programming within the S4C television service;
  • Detailed viewing figures for Ofcom's annual Public Service Broadcasting and Media Nation reports; and
  • Information relating to the fulfilment of programming and access services quotas within S4C's television service.

In addition, S4C pays an annual regulatory fee to Ofcom.

Programmes Policy Review 2018/2019

Programmes Policy Statement 2019/2020

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