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Audio Description

Audio Description is available in Welsh on selected programmes. The descriptions of movements and expressions help bring programmes to life for people with sight problems.

How to receive the service?

Quick access:

  1. Press 'help' which provides an easy option for accessing and switching audio description on or off.

Step by step:

  1. Select services on your remote
  2. Select number 4 system setup
  3. Select number 3 language and subtitles
  4. For Audio Description set Audio Description to ON
  5. Arrow key down and save new settings
  6. Press back up to return to the channel

Audio Description on Freesat

Follow the instructions in the manufacturer's manual.

Audio Description on Freeview

Only certain Freeview boxes can receive Audio Description.

The service is also available on some IDTV sets.(IDTV - Freeview Integrated Digital Television) A list of suitable models that have AD is available on: www.rnib.org.uk/livingwithsightloss/Documents/AD_on_Freeview_TV.doc

Audio Description on Digital Cable

Please watch S4C on a special channel to facilitate Audio Description – Channel 856

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