Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 3: 'c' Cyw's Orchestra

There's a lovely sound coming from Cywiadur today. Cyw, Plwmp and Deryn are singing and it's a very charming sound. Jim believes that he, Jen and the animals can form a choir to sing at the eisteddfod.

Use is made of visual clues in presenting the letter 'c' - referred to as the shape of the ear and use a hand to create the shape of the letter as well. The focus is on the first letter of the word and encouraged the child to 'listen' to the preferences of the letter before determine which one is right.


Assign and identify initial sounds in spoken word [Reception]


Interpret words through pictures in books, adding details to explain [Nursery]

Connect cards with pictures or objects first sounds orally [Nursery]

Identify an increasing number of verbal sounds and linked to the letters [Reception]


Investigating and identifying letter sounds by touching the shapes of letters within multisensory play [Nursery]

Use the correct initial consonant by starting to use phonic knowledge [Reception]

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