Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 2: 'b' Bolgi a’r Briwsion Bara

Bolgi has just finished baking fresh bread, but unfortunately, as the bread is cooling on the table in the garden, someone has taken the loaf! Can the crew find who took the bread and why?

The focus is on the letter 'b' in the context of the first letter of a word in this program. By referring to it as the straight letter with a round belly and straight back, this will help the child distinguish between letters like 'P' and 'd'.


Listening and responding with increasing attention and concentration. ' [Nursery].

Hear and distinguish general sounds, verbal sounds and noises in the environment [Nursery]

Assigne and identify initial sounds in spoken words [Reception]


distinguish between letters in a range of contexts [Reception]


Recognize letter sounds and touch the shapes of letters through research activities within multi-sensory play [Nursery]

Distinguish between letters [Reception]

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