Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 4: 'ch' Chwilio a Chwyrnu

Chwilio a Chwyrnu

Cyw, Plwmp and Deryn are concerned - Llew's missing. He disappeared as they had funon the beach. Where did he go? Can Jen and Jim unravel the mystery?

During this programme the double letter 'ch' is introduced. Both letters are referred to individually, but then we see they make a special letter when they're close together. The noise of 'ch' is compared to a tractor stuck in your throat!


Speak audibly [Nursery]


Recognize similarities and differences in pictures, shapes, patterns and textures [Nurd]

Distinguish between the letters in a range of contexts [Admission]

Identify an increasing number of verbal sounds and linked to the letters [Admission]

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