Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 5: 'd' Dewi'r Deinosor

References Autumn and hibernating animals

After hearing strange noises and seeing large footprints in the garden, Cyw, Plwmp and Deryn believe that a dinosaur has been there. They have enough clues to show Jen and Jim, but there is little sign of the dinosaur!

We are introduced not only to the shape of a lower case letter 'd' in this program, but also to the capital letter 'D', it will be done within the context of that word missing initials. Attention is drawn to the two letters' difference in shape, but that they make the same noise.


Assign and identify initial sounds in spoken words [Reception]


Begin to make connections to their own experiences when listening to books / texts or when viewing [Nursery]

Identifying information from text using visual features and words [Reception]

Use pictures to help them understand the breakdown of words and text [Reception]


Distinguishes between upper and lower case [Reception]

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