Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 7: 'f' Y Fan Fwyd

The Food Van

Cyw and Llew have started fish and chips from a food on the beach. It was going well but, when the vinegar bottle disappears, nobody wants to buy any chips! Can Jen and Jim help them find the vinegar?

The first letter of the word is the missing one in this program, and as Jen and Jim try to think what the letter is it, they encourage the children to listen to hear if the sound of the word makes sense. A 'f' is also presented as a letter that 'tickles the lip' - by doing this, the correct pronunciation is achieved.


Get involved with playing with sounds and words [Nursery]

Speak audibly [Admission]

Assigne and identify initial sounds in spoken words [Admission]


Connect cards with pictures or objects first sounds orally [Nursery]

Identify an increasing number of verbal sounds and linked to the letters [Admission]


Investigating and identifying letter sounds by touching shapes of the letters within multisensory play [Nursery]

Distinguish between letters [Admission]

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