Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 6: 'e' Yr Enfys Goll

It's a day of coming and going today at garden Cyw. The eagle has called by with a postcard from Ela the elephant, but as the crew read the cars, the rainbow disappeared. Has someone or something taken her?

The program focuses on introducing a lower case letter 'e' and a capital letter 'e'. Here, we are taken through a song to explain when to use the different forms - 'E' for the name of a person or place and 'e' for small things. Unlike many of the other programs, we see the method of forming the two letters. As a means of helping the child to pronounce the letters correctly - they are reminded that sounded 'e' makes them smile!


Involved when playing with sounds and words' [Nursery]

Speak audibly [Reception]


Distinguish between the letters in a range of contexts [Reception]

Identify an increasing number of verbal sounds and linked to the letters [Reception]


Distinguishes between upper and lower case [Reception]

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