Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 8: 'ff' Y Fflamingo Coll

The Lost Flamingos

Cyw and Llew have received an invitation by their friend the Flamingo but unfortunately, they can not make head or tail of it! Can Jen and Jim help them?

During the program, we are introduced to various forms of writing - a poster and invitation. The term 'double letter' is presented to the viewer and Jen and Jim have lot of fun pronouncing the letter 'ff' by pretending to be a rabbit! This is a great way - by putting the teeth over the lip - to sound the letters correctly and also to distinguish between similar letters e.g. 'th'


Assign and identify initial sounds in spoken word [Admission]

Speak audibly [Admission]


Interpret words through pictures in books, adding details to explain [Nursery]

Identify an increasing number of verbal sounds and linked to the letters [Admission]


Use the correct initial consonant by starting to use phonic knowledge [Admission]

Demonstrate an understanding of different forms, eg cards, lists, invitations [Admission]

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