Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 12: 'j' Jig-so Jac-do

Jokes are given a central part in this episode, showing the many different types of books available. The capital letters and the smaller letters are presented togethe, the small letter is presented as an "upside down stick' that has a straight back and bend in its bottom.

Attention is also drawn to the fact that, although the shape of the two letters is slightly different, they make the same noise. To reinforce the formation we see visually that a large J stands on the water's surface and small j has her feet paddling in the water.


Participating and words and sound play [Nursery]

Speak audibly [Admission]

Identify how initial sounds are assigned in spoken words [Admission]


Interpret Meaning Through Pictures in Books [Foster]

Pictures or objects to connect CARDS first Sounds on Oral [Foster]

identification number and increasing oral Sounds Contact Letters with [Accept]


Identification of letter sounds by research and touching the shapes of letters within multi-sensory within activities [Foster]

Using the correct initial consonant by starting to use correct phonic information [Admission]

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