Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 9: 'g' - Gliter a Glud

Glitter and Glue

There's a mess and a half in Cyw's kitchen today, glitter glue and paint everywhere! Who is responsible for the mess?

Looking for a bird that starts with the letter 'g' is Jen and Jim's task in this program. They have to turn to Ji'm special information book. As a result we see that a range of different types of books are available - colouring books, sticker books, a book of information as well as a storybook.


Assign and identify initial sounds in spoken words


Interpret words through pictures in books, adding details to explain

Begin to make connections to their own experiences when listening to books / texts or when viewed

Identifying information from text using visual features and words

Use pictures to help them understand the breakdown of words and text

Demonstrate an awareness of the difference between stories and information texts

Show an interest in books and other reading materials and responding to content


Investigating and identifying letter sounds by touching shapes of the letters within multisensory play

Use the correct initial consonant by starting to use phonic knowledge

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