Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur - Programme 13: 'l' Y Lindys a'r Letys

There's a thief on the farm, but the only thing stolen is a lettuce! Why is that? The crew decide to stay awake all night to see if they can catch the thief in action!

During this program, book knowledge is used to find information about different types of creatures e.g. butterfly. This is a very natural way of showing the different functions that belong to books. Reference is made to the letter 'l' as a long straight line - this will help the child to 'see' the letter in its formation.


Getting involved when playing with sounds and words [Nursery]

Speak audibly [Admission]

Assigned and identify initial sounds in spoken word [Admission]


Connect cards with pictures or objects first sounds orally [Nursery]

Begin to make connections to their own experiences when listening to books / texts or when viewed [Nursery]

Identifying information from text using visual features and words [Admission]

Show an interest in books and other reading materials and responding to content [Admission]

Demonstrate an awareness of the difference between stories and information texts [Admission]


Distinguish between letters [Admission]

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