The search for the new Deian and Loli

Plans to re-cast much loved S4C children's TV characters

Children across Wales will breathe a sigh of the relief at the news that S4C have commissioned another two series of Deian a Loli, the popular TV drama that is broadcast on S4C's Cyw platform. The show, about mischievous twins who have superpowers, recently won Best Children's Programme at the BAFTA Cymru Awards in Cardiff.

Cwmni Da, the Caernarfon company who produce the series, are delighted at the news. The series' producer Angharad Elen admitted that producing another 26 episodes of the drama will be a challenge, not least due to the decision to re-cast. "Erin Gwilym and Moi Hallam, the young actors who've portrayed Deian and Loli for the past two years have been absolutely fantastic. They're both extremely talented, enthusiastic actors and have been great fun to work with. But unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the ageing process! It's important that Deian and Loli stay young forever, so we're just about to embark on a new chapter, by searching for two young actors to take their place."

Cwmni Da are looking for two children, who will be between 9 and 11 yeast old on 1st of June, to portray Deian and Loli in the next 26 episodes, with filming due to begin in the summer. "Previous acting experience isn't at all necessary," explains Angharad. "A little bit of confidence would go a long way, but much more importantly, we're looking for actors who have a great sense of fun and mischief!"

Deian a Loli aren't the only elements that will be renewed in the new series. The new twins will live in a different house, and will have different parents, too. In essence, they will be a completely different family, but the twins will have the same powers and the same lust for adventure. Sioned Wyn Roberts, Childrens' Content Commissioner for S4C said "We're extremely grateful to the ever enthusiastic and talented Erin and Moi for their performances as the original Deian and Loli. It's safe to say that emotions are running high as we bid farewell to them and prepare the search for new actors for the roles. But, the aim is that these changes will implant longevity to the series, and will ensure Deian a Loli continue to stimulate the imagination of children for years to come."

To register an interest, parents should contact deianaloli@cwmnida.tv by Friday, 16th March. Cwmni Da will contact each applicant soon after the closing date.

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