Dau Beint

Dau Beint (Two Pints) is Cara Fi's companion webseries for everyone who wants more of the Tretarw love.

In each episode Brian and Dai, two of Tretarw's finest bachelors, share their reactions to the weeks' events.

  • Dau Beint Episode 1

    Dau Beint Episode 1

    Tretarw needs women to survive, and the bachelors of the village need to find love and happiness - whether they like it or not.

    In this special pre-broadcast episode of Dau Beint (Two Pints), we get a sneak peek into Nancy's unorthodox, milk-related methods.

  • Dau Beint Episode 2

    Dau Beint Episode 2

    One episode in to Cara Fi, the stage is set for romance...

    In this week's Dau Beint, Brian and Dai talk about the intricacies of falling in love. And making love.

  • Dau Beint Episode 3

    Dau Beint Episode 3

    Brian tries to find out more about Nina's relationship with Vic, Bonnie Tyler's connections to Tretarw are explored, plus a (not so) surprising secret about Betty is revealed.

    All this and more in this weeks' Dau Beint.

  • Dau Beint Episode 4

    Dau Beint Episode 4

    Nina's divorce is official. Dai's been labelled "a catch." But where does that leave poor Brian?

    In this week's Dau Beint, Brian denies he has feelings for Nina, and Dai doesn't believe him. It turns out Obi-Wan-ing goes both ways…

  • Dau Beint Episode 5

    Dau Beint Episode 5

    The aftermath of Nancy's Bond party, like the aftermath of all of Nancy's parties, is a sight to behold.

    In this week's Dau Beint, Brian defends his shaken-not-stirred costume. Repeatedly. And Dai gives Brian some (much-needed) advice on how to get on and impress girls.

  • Dau Beint Episode 6

    Dau Beint Episode 6

    "Not everything's about Nina, doc." Yeah, right.

    Dai reveals some of Uncle Gerald's secrets (that's the budgie), and Brian reveals… well nothing that Dai picks up on, at any rate. All this and more in this week's Dau Beint.

  • Dau Beint Episode 7

    Dau Beint Episode 7

    Dai and Brian are left alone in the pub after hours: the perfect setting for Dai to indoctrinate Brian into the perks that come with his new horns.

    All this, along with some important background info about Rhodri 18 Months and Janice Council House, in this week's Dau Beint.

  • Dau Beint Episode 8

    Dau Beint Episode 8

    Dai tries to help Brian come to terms with the cellar incident. Brian tries to help Dai write a letter. Neither are successful.

    All this and more in the final episode of Dau Beint. You'll probably cry, and not just because it's the final episode. Don't say you weren't warned.

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