Un Bore Mercher

Faith and her family have a happy and contented life, but one day changes it all

They live in an unassuming and quiet little town in Carmarthenshire. But it's not long before the characters realise the beautiful area, once a peaceful haven, is actually a melting pot of dark secrets.

Faith's life is transformed when her husband disappears suddenly one Wednesday morning. As she battles to discover the truth behind his disappearance, a host of secrets come to light and she begins to question whether she really knows her husband at all.

One Wednesday morning….everything changes
  • Faith Howells

    Faith Howells

    Eve Myles

  • Evan Howells

    Evan Howells

    Bradley Freegard

  • Steve Baldini

    Steve Baldini

    Mark Lewis Jones

  • Cerys


    Hannah Daniel

  • Tom a Marion Howells

    Tom a Marion Howells

    Aneirin Hughes a Rhian Morgan

  • Terry a Bethan Price

    Terry a Bethan Price

    Matthew Gravelle a Mali Harries

  • Lisa


    Catherine Ayres

  • D I Williams

    D I Williams

    Eiry Thomas

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