Jodie's Journey - Talgarth

Distance: 2 hours

Duration: 4 miles / 6.4 km

Start: SO 184 339

End: SO 169 326

Parking: There is no official car park by the start of the walk in Llanelieu, but you may find safe places on the side of the road in Llanelieu. There's a car park at the end of the walk at Pwll y Wrach Nature Reserve, Hospital Rd, Talgarth LD3 0DT, or in Talgarth itself, LD3 0PG.

Route Description:

This walk starts in the village of Llanelieu. In the centre of the village, you'll see the whipping tree (A). Keeping the tree on your right, continue to walk down the road and you will see St. Ellyw's Church (B) on your right. After visiting the church, continue to walk in the same direction on the road, out of Llanelieu.

You will reach a crossroads, turn to the left and follow the road through Ffostyll farm, pass the cottages on your right and continue until you reach the next farm. Before you reach the farm's outer buildings, take a sharp right and you'll see a public footpath sign. Follow this footpath for around 400 meters and turn to the left when you reach the top of the climb, before arriving at the woods.

Follow the footpath along the top, through Park Woods and continue along the footpath down to Church Road, Talgarth.

Continue in the same direction, and when you see a church on your right, turn to the left towards the village square. When you arrive at the village square, turn left, and left again to visit the Talgarth Mill (C).

When you come from the mill, turn left, and cross the bridge over the Ennig River, and take the first left for Bell Street.

You will reach a fork in the road, take the left turn, and continue to walk for a kilometre, passing the old hospital. You will see the turning for Pwll y Wrach Nature Reserve (Ch) on the right, enter and follow the path to the most easterly point where you will find the waterfall. This is the end of the walk.

Points of Interest:

A) Whipping Tree

Grid Reference: SO 185 341

This Yew tree was planted with the nearby Church, which was reputedly used as a whipping post. The tree had two holes to receive arms of the whippee.

B ) St. Ellyw's Church

Grid Reference: SO 184 341

It's said that St Ellyw was a Granddaughter of Brychan Brycheiniog. The church is now redundant, and under the care of the Friends of Friendless Churches charity.

C) Talgarth Mill

Grid Reference: SO 154 337

This is the only mill run by water in the Brecon Beacons, using the Ellyw River to power the mill, that flows from the Black Mountains.

Ch) Pwll y Wrach Nature Reserve

Grid Reference: SO 162 327

It is 17.5 hectares of beautiful ancient woodland, which slopes down to the banks of the River Enig. Near the eastern end of the reserve the river plunges over a spectacular waterfall into a dark pool below, known as the Witches Pool.

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