Lewis' Journey - Merthyr Tydfil

Duration: 1 hour and a half

Distance: 2.5 miles / 4 km

Grid References

Start: SO 041 072

End: SO 049 095

Parking: Cyfarthfa Park, Brecon Rd, Merthyr Tydfil CF47 8RE

This is a straight walk, so you will need a car at the end or you could walk back. The car park by the end of the walk is, Taf Fechan Nature Reserve, Vaynor, Merthyr Tydfil CF48 2LA.

Route Description:

This walk starts outside Cyfarthfa Castle (A). With the castle in front of you, turn left and walk towards the lake. Keep the lake on your left, continuing to walk on the path. When you reach the gates, leave the castle grounds, and turn left. Use the crossing to cross the road, and follow the footpath directly in front of you, walking through an arch way. This is where Cyfartha Leat (B) begins.

Continue to walk on the footpath with the leat on your right, and after around 300 meters, keep left, and follow the footpath along the Tâf Fechan footpath. Follow the footpath under the main road, this is Tâf Fechan Nature Reserve (C). You'll follow this path for around 2 kilometres, before passing through a gate and entering the car park. Walk through the car park, across the road and you'll see a gate ahead. Walk through the gate and follow the narrow path to Morlais Castle (Ch) where the journey will end.

Points of Interest:

a) Cyfarthfa Castle

Grid Reference: SO 041 072

Commissioned and built in 1824-25, Cyfarthfa Castle was constructed for 'The Ironmaster' William Crawshay II, who was one of the most influential men in Wales at the time. It is now home to a popular Museum and Art Gallery which is open to the public throughout the year.

b) Cyfarthfa Leat

Grid Reference: SO 037 076

The Leat's purpose was to get water from the Taf Fechan to the ironworks. The tramline by the leat was built to transport limestone from the Gurnos Quarry to Cyfarthfa Ironworks.

c) Taf Fechan Nature Reserve

Grid Reference: SO 033 081

This nature reserve is a 2.5km stretch of dramatic wooded limestone gorge cut by the River Taf Fechan

Ch) Morlais Castle

Grid Reference: SO 049 095

It was originally built around 1270 by the Earl of Gloucester and Lord of Glamorgan, Gilbert de Clare, on land claimed by Humphrey de Bohun - This dispute culminated in the Battle of Maesvaynor, in 1291.

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