Mark's Journey - Bethesda


Duration: 2 hours

Distance: 4 miles / 6.4 km

Start: SH 631 664

End: SH 626 660

Parking: There's no car park at the start of the walk, but there's plenty of on street parking. Well Street, Bethesda, LL57 3TW


This walk starts at Well Street, Gerlan, Bethesda, LL57 3TW. Walk towards the bottom of the street and continue onto the footpath to come out on Abercaseg Street. Turn left and cross Caseg River. Take the first left down Nant Graen, and then right to walk on the path through Braichmelyn Woods (A).

Follow the path to the right and keep on the western side of the woods. You'll reach a crossroads, turn right and you'll come out on the A5. Safely cross the A5 to walk on the pavement. Turn left and walk for just over 300 metres. Turn down to the right, following the footpath signs. Continue across the River Ogwen, towards the south across the fields. You'll come out on a lane, turn right and walk along the lane. Whilst you walk on this lane, look South and you'll see Nant Ffrancon (B).

After around 700 metres, you'll see a gate on your right. Go through the gate and walk on the Roman Road (C) towards the North.

Continue towards Bethesda, and you'll pass Penrhyn Quarry (Ch) on your left.

You'll come out on the road to the quarry, from here, follow the signs for the footpath to reach the end of the walk on the B4409.

To reach the start of the walk, turn right after coming out of the woods, then straight across the crossroads to walk along Braichmelyn. Straight after crossing the River Ogwen on Abercaseg Street, turn right to walk back to Well Street.

Points of Interest:

A) Braichmelyn

Grid Reference: SH 631 657

An area of woodland that's managed by Natural Resources Wales. It's a popular mountain biking location.

B) Nant Ffrancon

Grid Reference: SH 631 638

Nant Ffrancon has been frequently used as a filming location for British film-makers, including doubling for the Khyber Pass in the Carry On film Carry On up the Khyber, and doubling for the Himalayas in the Doctor Who serial The Abominable Snowmen.

C) Roman Road

Grid Reference: SH 630 637

It was built by Richard Pennant, Lord Penrhyn, to take his guests up the valley in carriages to view the wonders of Cwm Idwal and on to Capel Curig.

CH) Penrhyn Quarry

Grid Reference: SH 624 654

At the end of the 19th Century, this was the largest slate quarry in the world. It's now home to the fastest zip line in the world.

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