Mari's Journey

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Distance: 2.8 miles / 4.5 km

Start: SM 894 384

End: SM 894 412

Parking: There's a place to park in a lay-by at the start of the walk, 200 meters before you reach this address: Castell Mawr, Trefasser, Goodwick SA64 0LR. There's a car park by the end of the walk: Strumble Head, Goodwick SA64 0JL.

Route Description:

This walk is straight, you can walk back to the start point or leave a car at the end to take you back. You'll be following the coastal path throughout the walk.

From the parking lay-by at the start of the walk, turn left and walk a little under 200 meters on the road. On the right, on the side of the road, you'll see Dewi Emrys' Memorial (A). After visiting the memorial, walk back towards the lay-by and pass it. Continue to walk for around 200 meters, and you'll see a sign on the left for a hostel, and a footpath. Turn down here, and walk down the lane for around 100 meters, follow the footpath signs to the right and walk along Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (B). Follow the path, that's well signposted, and through any gates with an acorn icon, closing them behind you.

After walking just over 2 km on the same path, you'll see Pwll Arian (C) on the left.

Walk for another 1.2 km, in the same direction, passing Carn Melyn, Pwll Ffyliaid and Carreg Onnen Bay. You'll then reach the end of the walk, overlooking Strumble Head Lighthouse (Ch). You can walk the same way back or travel on the road.

Points of Interest:

A) Dewi Emrys Memorial

Grid Reference: SM 893 384

Dewi Emrys was one of Wales' most famous poets. He won the Chair in the National Eisteddfod four times, and the Crown once.

The wording on the base translates as "and these are the thoughts that will come to you when you sit above Pwllderi." This is from his poem "Pwll Deri."

B) Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Grid Reference: SM 891 388

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path twists and turns its way for 186 miles (299 km) along the most breathtaking coastline in Britain. The path lies almost entirely within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park — Britain's only truly coastal National Park. The 35,000 feet of ascending and descending is said to be synonymous with climbing Everest - but can be enjoyed in shorter lengths.

C) Pwll Arian

Grid Reference: SM 885 403

This translates as Treasure Pool. Legend has it that a poor boy from the area discovered a treasure chest here that came from a shipwreck. The date of this story matches the dates of the Spanish Armada.

Ch) Strumble Head Lighthouse

Grid Reference: SM 885 403

Strumble Head Lighthouse was erected in 1908 and is amongst the last lighthouses to be built in Britain. The lighthouse is now fully automated, and there's no public access to the island.

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