Rebecca Keatley

DAY 1: My colleague Alex Winters who works with me on Cbeebies had been banging on about the experience and about how wonderful it was – and it sounded like a real craic so here I am! It wasn't compulsory in my year but I did take it even though I was better at French and German. And during the first lesson, I thought there are so many consonants and how do I pronounce them? I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and having a good laugh through learning Welsh. I learn so much form CBeebies and there's always something to learn. I'm dreading the water though – so any water based activities I won't be a fan of!

DAY 3: The teaching methods are fantastic and the teachers make it so interesting – making it fun is important but for me, I found it quite overwhelming because of tiredness, learning a language, not having 5 minutes to myself and I need a softly softly approach, and I do need a bit of a rub on the back to encourage me at times! But my comprehension of the language has come on tenfold. You find a natural balance within a group or a hierarchy of personalities so you have to find your place. Some people fill that space and others take a step back. I've been more observant than a participant but it has been thoroughly enjoyable on many levels. It's like being at a comedy show! I'm determined to go home with a lot more Welsh than I came here with.

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