Chris Corcoran

DAY 1: I'd heard it was a good laugh from people who had done it before so as a fun thing to do, it's brilliant. And I couldn't turn the opportunity to learn some more Welsh. I was taught Welsh at school, but chose French instead. I'm not quite sure how much Welsh I've got. I remember Mr Williams throwing his chalk at us! I remember upsetting Mrs Cox but also the superb eisteddfodau we would have. I'm looking forward to seeing if I can tap into that latent Welsh a bit and hold a conversation with my mates who are first language Welsh and for them not to slip in to English when I'm around. I'm dreading my memory though but I'm excited about the teaching style.

DAY 3: At this point, I'm so tired, I can't remember anything at all. I think I hit a wall this afternoon with the new vocab. Today we went wine tasting and had to differentiate between red, white and rose. It was easy to differentiate but pinpointing the flavours was different and Tom Shanklin was hilarious because he worked out a quick physical joke – putting 'gwelltyn' (straw) in the drinks and finding it very funny. Steve won the wine tasting and the siarad Cymraeg prize. Git! I wish it was minimum of a fortnight and I wish we had more time off to relax and absorb because we've not had much downtime and it's not sinking in as much as it could be, but I'm still hopeful.

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