Steve Speirs

DAY 1: I would love to come away at the end of the week and know some Welsh. I know absolutely no Welsh except for things like 'araf' and I know 'drws' because I was asked to leave through it at Afan Taf Welsh class. I didn't get on with languages at school – I found it all quite arid. I just struggled with languages in the classroom. I've been married to a Polish woman for 8 years and I don't know a word of it. I'm looking forward to the lessons and meeting people from other fields. We've got athletes, singers – a real mix of people.

DAY 3: Initially, I was completely confused by the unconventional teaching method. Ioan and Nia are incredibly intelligent people but their techniques involve taking you back to childhood so things that involve painting, singing, dancing and games. On Wednesday they almost potty trained us!

I have definitely taken things in and when we were looking at a picture the other day, I could put the pieces together and describe that the woman was playing tennis with a cat and wearing a new yellow frock. It definitely works - what's great about it, if you have a question, it's addressed there and then. It's all about making things active and not being ashamed of getting things wrong. Putting the words to use also helps cooking. 'Cymysgu', 'pupur coch', and 'torri' have stayed with me because I was using my hands at the time.
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