Tom Shanklin

DAY 1: A lot of my friends are fluent Welsh speakers and I'd love to be able to converse with them. I know a few swear words too! We had very little Welsh at school – there was a Welsh class at school with about 5 people in it. Looking forward to not cooking, not ironing, outdoor activities and learning Welsh. My knowledge is very basic and I'm keen to improve my knowledge. I'd love to be able to leave and think I could strike up a basic conversation in Welsh with someone. Watch this space!

DAY 3: I've certainly got a much better concept of being able to read words and understand what they mean but struggle with structuring sentences but it's been very enjoyable. Rafting was the highlight and we've done some cooking and we've done some clay building and kayaking and learning Welsh words for actions along the way. However, I'm not a practical learner. I'm more visual and like to put things together. I prefer learning things in classroom and putting things into practice. Everyone's so nice and we make a great team and I've found a wine partner in Steve. We managed to escape the compound for some meat in the curry house which was very sneaky of us!

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