This Year's Judges

The four judges were responsible for choosing the eight finalists. In the final their scores will count for half the vote. The other half comes from the viewers' phone vote.

  • Alun 'Sbardun' Huws

    Alun 'Sbardun' Huws

    Composer and musician

    "I think that Cân i Gymru is important to songwriters of all ages and backgrounds because it's a chance to encourage people to compose. Then, if they do win a certain amount of money, that money will be put back into the music scene."

  • Lisa Jên Brown

    Lisa Jên Brown

    Singer with the group 9Bach.

    "You don't need a studio and you don't need a lot of instruments. If you have a song in your head, once a year you can send it in to Cân i Gymru and within a matter of months you, or someone else, could be singing it on the stage. I think that's great."

  • Ynyr Roberts

    Ynyr Roberts

    Member of the band Brigyn and winner of Cân i Gymru 2011

    "This competition has allowed me to continue with my career as a musician. I don't think there is a formula to winning Cân i Gymru. An original song which captures your attention will always win the day."

  • Heather Jones

    Heather Jones

    Popular singer, who sang the winning entry 'Pan Ddaw'r Dydd' in the 1972 Cân i Gymru competition

    "A lot of the entries this year are young and fresh. We can't stay in the 70s and 80s forever. Cân i Gymru has to move on each year."

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