Arwel Lloyd Owen

Known as the lead guitarist for the Al Lewis Band, Arwel Lloyd Owen has recently perused success as a solo artist and regularly performs with the band Gildas.

He chose the name Gildas in memory of a Welsh Monk who went on a pilgrimage through Wales in the 6th century and kept a diary of his journey. Gildas is due to release a new album following the success of the previous album, Nos Da released in 2010.

Arwel often uses unusual techniques to create different sound by tuning the guitar in a different way and combining electric with folk. Originally from Llansannan, he is now based in Llanelli, and is a primary school teacher at Ysgol Parc y Tywyn.

Title: Gwybod yn Well

Arwel recorded the demo of Gwybod yn Well on his mobile phone, after he found out he had made the final eight for this year's competition, he was thrilled that he had invested in the new technology.

Gwybod yn Well is a simple, different song, about the end of a relationship and the emotions of regret and sadness that follow. Arwel hopes that the song will bring something a little bit different to this year's competition.

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