Congratulations Cordia:
Can i Gymru 2016 winners!

Listed below are the eight songs that have been shorlisted and will competing for the title of Cân i Gymru 2016 -and the financial prize of £5000.

The competition will be held on Saturday, 5 March live from the BBC Wales studios, Cardiff at 8.00. Elin Fflur and Trystan Ellis-Morris will present on the night.

This year it is all down to the viewers through a phone-in vote. The phone numbers will be revealed on the night and phone lines open once all eight songs have been performed.

  • Caru Nhw i Gyd

    Caru Nhw i Gyd

    Sion Meirion Owens

    "The song is all about the experience of being young and of going to gigs. The inspiration for the song is my own personal experiences. I wrote the song about a year and a half ago."

  • Caeth


    Sarah Wynn

    "I've written the lyrics and a guy called Luke from Swansea has composed the music. We have never actually met and have done everything online, which is a fairly alternative way of writing a song. Luke sent me the melody and then I wrote the lyrics to go with it. The song is all about meeting someone new and getting hooked on them."

  • Y Penderfyniad

    Y Penderfyniad

    Beth Williams-Jones and Sam Humphreys

    "There are so many songs about love but this one is about girl power! The message here is if someone wants to go, let them go. This is a pop song which is totally different to my usual folky music so I had a lot of fun with this."

  • Meddwl am Ti

    Meddwl am Ti

    Kizzy and Eady Crawford

    "This song is all about the experience of being in love with someone. Eady and I were jamming one day and decided to enter the competition with this song. It would be great if there were more opportunities like this competition, especially bilingual ones, and competitions for younger people, but this competition and the National Eisteddfod are definitely great platforms for songwriters."

  • Cannwyll


    Geth Vaughan

    "This is a song about my son and talks about how important it is to concentrate on the important things in life. Competing in Cân i Gymru is something I've always wanted to do so this has been a great excuse to sit down and write a song especially for this!"

  • Ar ei Ffordd

    Ar ei Ffordd

    Alun Evans

    "The inspiration for this song is Wales reaching the Euros. These are exciting times for Welsh football and this song is written from the viewpoint of us the supporters as we follow the team. It is great to take part in this competition."

  • Dim ond Un

    Dim ond Un


    "The song is about mental illness. The message of the song is that there is always someone there to help you and you're never on your own. Our music teacher at Ysgol David Hughes school, Gwennant Pyrs has won the competition on a previous occasion with the song Dal i Gredu and she has inspired us to compete. We watch the competition every year at home on television, so it's great to actually take part."

  • Actor Gorau Cymru

    Actor Gorau Cymru

    Barry Jones

    "Cân i Gymru is a great concept and a special platform for promoting Welsh music. It is important for us as a nation and as a celebration of all music. I'm competing this year in the hope of achieving the honour of representing Wales in this competition. That's more important than the financial reward."

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