Megan and Angharad Phillips

In this programme Trystan is in Denbigh (Dinbych) visiting two sisters who are also twins, Megan and Angharad Phillips. Both are 21 years old but Megan is one minute older than Angharad! At the moment both are studying sociology in Durham University.

Their main interset is table tennis; they've been playing ever since they were given a table as a Christmas present from their parents when they were ten years old. The two are very competitive and have been in competitions all over Britain and abroad. The two represented Wales in the Commonwealth Games in India in 2010 and in Glasgow in 2014. At the moment Megan is the Welsh Number 3 and Angharad is number 4.

Trystan will chat with the girls about life in University and their other interests and ask them how similar they are to each other. We meet the parents, Tegid and Sue Phillips and hear about other members of the family who have represented Wales in different sports. Megan and Angharad will also give Trystan a lesson on playing table tennis; I wonder if he'll manage to win a point?!

Vocabuary Help gefell/gefeilliaid - twin

cryfder - strength

dibynnu - to depend

curo - to beat

personoliaeth - personality

llonydd - peace and quiet

cymdeithasu - to socialize

lletchwith - awkward

hwyrach (efallai) - perhaps

ymdopi - to cope

gwireddu breuddwyd - to realize a dream

addasu - to adapt

cefnogol - supportive

naid driphlyg - tripple jump

cydio - to seize; to connect

sylweddoli - to realize

trin - to treat; deal with

gwerthfawrogi - to appreciate

cefnogaeth - support

annheg - unfair

cyflog/-au - salary

rheoli - to control

pencampwriaeth - championship

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