Daniel and Matthew Glyn

In this programme, Trystan goes to Cardiff to meet brothers Daniel and Matthew Glyn. The two have grown up in the capital city and still live in the area. They lost their parents when they were young and they've been very close since then.

Dan is an author and scriptwriter and has presented programmes on S4C and on Radio Cymru. He also performs stand-up in Welsh and in English. Trystan will go to watch Dan performing in Swansea. Dan lives in Cardiff with his wife and children.

When he was in school Matthew was a member of the funk band Hanner Pei. He also used to script and write comedy with his brother. Now Math is a scriptwriter on drama series like 'Gwaith Cartref' and programmes for children on S4C. He also scripts TiFiaCyw help on Twitter. Matthew will take Trystan on a trip around Cardiff in an open-air bus and will talk about how the city has changed. Mathew and his family have now moved to the town of Penarth about five miles from Cardiff.

Both attended Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf in Cardiff and they will tell Trystan about about their sweet memories of their time there. They will also take Trystan to Clwb Ifor Bach in the city centre to remember the good times. Trystan will aso talk to one of their friends, the actor Jâms Thomas, about the two brothers.

Vocabulary Help

hynaf - eldest; oldest

hedfan - to fly

taflu - to throw

yn deilchion - smashed

ar wahan - separately

malu awyr - to talk nonsense

diog - lazy

amboutu (= am) - about

atgoffa - to remind

dwyn - to steal

wedi meddwi - drunk

derbyn - to accept; to receive

hyrwyddo - to promote

Môr Iwerydd - Atlantic Ocean

cwningod - rabbits

dilyn - to follow

awydd - desire

bwrlwm - buzz; hurly-burly

argyfwng - crisis

cyfarwydd - familiar

arloesol - innovative; pioneering

cyfoedion - contemporaries

gwerth - worth; value

dadl - argument

ddylset ti ddim - you shouldn't

cyfrwng - medium

cyd-destun - context

swmp o waith - volume of work

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